16 November 2009

Working man

Thank God it's friday! Only one day of work and then weekend!

Remembering my old routine I enjoy breakfast at the Lake View Cafe. And since my collegues are there it's all happy chitter chatter. The guys allow me to ride with them so I gladly accept. Within 25 minutes we are at the Mumbai 2 office... my god, the road next to Powai lake has improved a lot. In my memory we used to stand in traffic jams all the time. No such thing. One smooth ride that was! So next thing, the mandatory enlistment in the books at the gate and then inside where there is nobody....it's 8:45. I find myself a spot and one by one the teammembers start arriving. It's one big 'happy happy joy joy' party in meeting everybody. Me and the team have a very constructing day and at 18:00 I return to the hotel. Somehow, I was using my voice the wrong way because I felt it starting to break down at times. At night I had planned a visit to the Velvet Lounge but as the interesting invitation of Ravi passed at lunchtime I could not refuse this unique event: to go for a run at Santa Cruz at 6 AM! So I head to bed early and have a hard time catching it...

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