16 November 2009

The return

So, it finally happened. I was able to return to Mumbai. City of smells, city of bustle. The flight was smooth except for the 10 year old girl that had a hard time understanding that not everybody appreciates if you put your feet under someone elses legs. But Zen will get you a long way. Landed 45mins late because of weather conditions at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The rat race is on. After all this sitting I enjoy the sneak through – fast pacing game to get outside as fast as possible. Along this way I get screened for H1N1 disease by an orange Fluke thermal scanner that is hooked up to some 40 inch monitors. If your face is heated then you’re to be quarantainned. I dodge that bullet and speed on towards the exit. The crowd cheers upon my arrival – I wish…. I find my personal Mercedes driving chauffeur and we are on route. Two o’clock at night and still not sleepy. Three thirty and I force myself to sleep.

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