16 November 2009

Pagoda Sunday

The first night with effective sleep without the hourly sudden spontaneous awakening. My colleagues had a trip in mind to the Elephanta caves. I had heard about this and would involve an hourly boatride. Nice prospect. Plans have shifted however to go to Gorai. As I had never heard of this place before (not all to hard considering I'm no Mumbaiker) I was intrigued. Not in the least because my colleagues had not visited the site themselves! This time I caught even the city bus which costs a whooping Rs 7! Amazing. The busdriver unexpectedly drives calm but firm through the busy streets of North West Mumbai. However, somehow it seems that we are too slow in getting off the bus and the driver starts driving back after having reached the terminus. Some harsh words are even exchanged. Life in Mumbai goes fast: be prepared! We walk towards the river (Manori Creek) and the smell of fish enforces itself upon us. At the boat we wait for the rest of our party to arrive.

Meanwhile the floating bank is sinking more and more because of the extra wait of motorbikes and people. The ferry does not sink (thanks for the warning Ravi) and we walk towards Mumbai's newest landmark, the majestic 325-feet tall Global Vipassana Pagoda. However not yet entirely covered in gold, it's already quite impressive.

A lot remains to be done like the marble flooring but as this pagoda is funded purely based on gifts and construction has been going on for more than 11 years now, that seems like a minor problem. Inside people are meditating under a large dome. It must be an amazing site if it is completely filled.

The entry to the temple lies next to (really!) this themepark entrance

Prizewinning picture of an Indian sunset (?!)

On the road back we decide to go through with the highly anticipated plan to see a Hindi movie. The only movie I had heard off was not playing anymore (lucky for some, most people found it to be a bad movie) and the suggestion fell on Ajab Prem ki ghazab kahani.

An entertaining movie about the President of the Happy Club who falls in love with a girl. She's already in love with someone else of course. This mad story is rather simple and because of that I get at least the main plot. Combine that with slapstick humour, a little bad acting now and then, the lovely Katerina / "Jenny" (I'm writing this for you, not me! You know who you are) some strange fighting moves and fat comedy sauce topped of with some singing and dancing and my first Hindi movie was a blast. Altogether again one day well spent! Thanks guys!!

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