27 February 2008

Hotel integration

As my stay lasts longer, the hotel personal has become more and more personal. At first everybody was polite and friendly in a professional matter. But since I take the time to return the question: "How are you?" it seems that I have become a person to them as they have to me. Somehow, me asking the return question comes as a surprise to them. Maybe this is the key explanation to the shift in attitude? Or is it only duration?

I end up having conversations with the chef over the recipe of Brussels sprouts. The chef prepared some last week and I mentioned to him that they were not really tasty (they were really hard). So this week I ended talking to Harschvardan (not the chef but what a name!) who questioned me on the proper way of cooking Brussels sprouts. Writing the recipe down, he thanked me for the recipe stating that next time they serve BS (he he), he'll have the recipe out on display. My 5 minutes of fame! After that the chef personally prepared some small Indian snacks on the counter (different snacks every day, yum). As I have now effectively tasted almost everything from the buffet, I'm getting curious what the Indian cuisine in Holland tastes like.

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