17 February 2008

Extreme Mumbai

Yesterday, I indulged in the commercial part of Mumbai. In the North Western part of Mumbai lays a giant shopping centre called Inorbit. Since Mumbai is a trade city I had to see it. It is huge. Tree floors tightly packed with shops, neatly arranged by type. It's busy but not the same kind of busy as outside. There are a lot of shoppers but it's not too crowded. Prices can be an effective repellant! As I skim through all the different parts, it seems that electronics are more expensive here than in Holland, about 10% surplus. Man's clothing comes very affordable considering you're getting the best shirts they have. Books in India are very cheap because the government does NOT impose taxes on books as a measure to fight analphabetism. Should be a global rule! On my way back to the hotel, a few beggars knock on the door of the car. My personal rule is not to give to any one because this way you stimulate the begging behaviour. But is inhuman not to give, right? Again, I wonder as to how a person can contribute to others people's life by donating. If I hand over the money to some organisation, part of the money will stick, so to speak, to the organisation itself. Somehow that feels wrong. You have the need to give and it feels best to give it in person. You want to help a person without stimulating begging behaviour. Perhaps I should just accept the fact that in order to do greater projects to affect people's lives through charity, some money will be lost to the people organizing these projects. And this started out as a luxurious hotel ride…

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